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Breastfeeding has a positive impact on you, your baby and your family.  IBCLCs help make it happen! Lactation Specialist of Houston has put together the perfect personalized steps to help you reach your breastfeeding goals:


STEP 1: Prenatal Breastfeeding Assessment

Before your baby is born, we will assign you to a personal IBCLC who will get you off to a good start with breastfeeding techniques and healthy milk production.


STEP 2: Postpartum Home Visit 

After your baby is born, your personal IBCLC will assist you and your family in adapting at home with your new baby.  She can answer any questions and help you with any breastfeeding challenges.  


STEP 3: Follow-up Home Visit

If you or your baby have any continued challenges or concerns, your personal IBCLC will come back and continue to help manage your breastfeeding goals. Remember, this step can be repeated as many times as you need support.


STEP 4: Return To Work

As your baby gets older, your personal IBCLC can help you continue breastfeeding if you and baby are separated because of work, travel, or other reasons. She will teach you breast pump essentials, such as breast pump use, pumping frequency, and breast milk storage.




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We Look Forward To Helping You and Your Family Meet Your Breastfeeding Goals

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