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About Us

Lactation Specialist of Houston, LLC is a Lactation Consultant Agency with a team of certified Lactation Specialists ready to provide breastfeeding education and support to mom, baby, and family.  Once you take your new bundle of joy home, we understand that additional support is sometimes needed to well establish breastfeeding.  One of our compassionate and dedicated Lactation Specialists will come to you in the comfort of your home and provide breastfeeding support.  You can feel secure and confident receiving service from Lactation Specialist of Houston because we only partner with experienced Lactation Specialists who have passed an extensive background check.


We also provide Lactation Consultant Services to professional organizations. 



Aprille McQueen MSN, RN Owner / Founder

Certified Lactation Educator


Aprille McQueen is a registered nurse who has dedicated her entire career to helping new mothers and their babies. She received her Master’s degree in Nursing Administration from Prairie View A&M University, and possesses more than ten years of experience caring for patients in acute hospital settings, specifically in the Mother-Baby specialty. It was in the hospital where Aprille first identified a crucial need not being met in the breastfeeding community. Patients were receiving plenty of breastfeeding support while in the hospital, but when it came time to discharge, many new mothers left the hospital with fear and anxiety regarding breastfeeding at home. While some hospitals do offer outpatient lactation services, new mothers are not always able to get to an outpatient appointment, either due to driving restrictions, inability to arrange for childcare of older siblings, or simply sheer exhaustion from delivery and adjusting to life with a new baby. Additionally, it just made sense that the best way to help breastfeeding moms was to go to the place where they breastfeed most often – in the home! As a result, Aprille founded Lactation Specialist of Houston, a lactation consultation agency currently serving the Houston community and surrounding areas. She’s excited to connect new moms with qualified healthcare professionals who can help clear up the mysteries of breastfeeding and get mom and baby on the right track to a long and fulfilling breastfeeding journey. Whatever your breastfeeding goals may be, Aprille and her team of Lactation Specialists are here to support you every step of the way.

Meet our Lactation Consultants

Celina Sisk 
Lactation Consultant
Kristin Ramirez
Lactation Consultant
Kimberly Slacum-Butler
Lactation Specialist
Heather Willingham 
Lactation Consultant
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