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Comprehensive Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Class Description
In this class you will learn and comprehend not only the benefits of breast milk feeding, but how the maternal body prepares you for your new baby. The following objectives will be discussed: 


  • Benefits of Breastfeeding


  • Preparation for Breastfeeding


  • Breast Changes in Pregnancy


  • Anatomy and Physiology of Breastfeeding


  • Early Feedings: Positioning and Latch


  • Frequency and Duration of Feedings


  • "Signs" that Baby is Getting Enough


  • Hurdles


  • Maternal Nutrition


  • Pumping, Storing, and Bottle-feeding


  • Breastfeeding Beyond the First Six Weeks



When is the best time to take this class? 

Some time between your 6th-8th month, so that you have time to do follow-up research on your own. Also, you may use what you learn from this class to help you make your final selections for your baby shower registry.  





Group Classes $40 per couple/individual (Refreshments will be provided)


Lactation Specialist of Houston offers one of the best breastfeeding classes around!  We strive to make learning about breastfeeding fun while keeping it informative.   Must be  registered to attend. Classes fill up quickly and space is limited!  Check our schedule and register today.  All classes are located at TBA.


Choose a class that fits your breastfeeding needs

*A special receipt will be provided for all classes that you may submit for possible reimbursement from your healthcare insurance company.


Houston Lactation Consultant Breastfeeding Pregnancy Baby

Baby Shower Party $60 

Do you have a group of friends that are expecting? Make it a party! Lactation Specialist of Houston offers group breastfeeding classes in the comfort of your home for you and your friends.  Minimum of 4 attendees is required.

To schedule call 832-938-0083.

Private One-on-One Breastfeeding Classes $80 

Lactation Specialist of Houston also offers Private Breastfeeding Classes in the comfort of your home.  This 2-hour class will cover similar topics to the group breastfeeding classes, however, they are tailored specifically to your needs.  This class assists you in getting your breastfeeding experience off to a great start!

To schedule call 832-938-0083.

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